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Industrial Oven
This range of Industrial Ovens is reckoned for its energy efficient operation, application specific design and prolonged service life. Entire structure of these ovens is burst proof and fire protected.
Cooling Equipment
This range of Cooling Equipments is reckoned for its ergonomic appearance, utilization of Eco-friendly refrigerants and user friendly mechanism. Low noise generation, simple and quick installation method are some of the main aspects of these systems.
Laboratory Incubators
This range of Laboratory Incubators is appreciated for its precise temperature controlling arrangement and corrosion protected structure. These systems are used in genetic engineering, cultivation of micro organism and tissue culture arena.
Laboratory Equipment
This range of laboratory Equipments has wide applications in beverage, chemical processing, pharmaceutical and printing industries. Offered systems are energy efficient and these are simple to install. We offer these equipments at reasonable price range.
Laboratory Apparatus
This range of Laboratory Apparatus is appreciated for its ergonomic look, user friendly design and sturdy construction. Specifications of these laboratory ware vary as per their design, power usage level, weight etc.
Water Bath & Water Still
This range of Water Baths & Water Stills is made of standard grade stainless steel or mild steel with powder coated surface. Glass wool insulated structure of these equipments has excellent thermal attributes.
Stability Test Chambers
Stability Test Chambers are used for determining cold, heat, humidity and dryness withstanding capacity of automobiles, electronic and electrical products. These chambers are needed to enhance quality of tested objects.
Industrial Shakers
This range of Industrial Shakers is reckoned for its accurate dimension and low energy consumption rate. These have advanced temperature controller. Compact in shape, these equipments are appreciated for their low noise operation.
Muffle Furnaces
Muffle Furnaces are used for ashing and combustion operations in laboratories and research institutes. They provide great temperature control, even heating, and a controlled environment, making them useful instruments for high-temperature applications in a variety of sectors. They are available in a variety of sizes. They are safe to handle.
Industrial Dryers
This range of mild steel fabricated Tray Dryers adopts thermoelectric cooling technology and digital control panel. These energy efficient dryers are equipped with rectangular shaped insulated chamber and electric heated elements.
Testing Equipment
This array of Rain Chambers is equipped with advanced controller that has LCD panel and PLC controller. Low noise generation and low operating cost are some key aspects of these chambers.
Dehumidifier provides to a more comfortable home environment by regulating excess moisture and minimizing musty odors, condensation on windows, and mold and mildew growth. Some of these devices are portable and may be moved from room to room, but others are intended to be permanently installed.
Vertical Autoclave
Vertical Autoclave is a form of sterilization equipment used in medical, pharmaceutical, and laboratory environments. It sterilizes equipment, tools, glassware, and other items by exposing them to high-pressure saturated steam at extreme temperatures. This can be easily purchased at nominal prices, by our valued customers.

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