About Us

Classic Scientific, a laboratory and scientific equipment manufacturer and exporter, was founded in 2003. Our products include Stability Test Chambers, Industrial Shakers, Testing Equipment, Furnaces Ovens, Industrial Dryers and more. We are located in Mumbai's Goregaon Industrial Zone and work under the capable direction of Mr. Rajesh Panchal, who started by producing laboratory, cooling, heating, chemical, cement, and pharmaceutical equipment. He and his team entered the industry of manufacturing scientific and laboratory equipment out of a pure desire to leave their own stamp.

Over the years, a sizable financial and R&D investment has allowed us to ascend the success ladder. Our journey has always benefited greatly from our fifteen years of invaluable experience in the manufacturing industry. 

Our Customers

Due to our prior performance, we have been able to carve out a specific market niche for ourselves and keep a clientele that can attest to our reliability. We have managed to keep a record of pleased customers who return to us for additional orders thanks to our high quality and after-sales care standards. The following list includes some of our esteemed clients:

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Our Belief 

The idea that our customers deserve the best has always been important to us. As a result, we are continually working to improve our products so that our clients will find no close competitors. A one-year warranty is included with every product in our line. In addition, the AMC (annual maintenance contract) is available to our clients. We have benefited from such strong pledges to overall growth. They will soon assist us in establishing our credibility in the market. Our company is expanding at a 10% annual pace. With cutting-edge and creative production techniques, we are poised to accomplish more.


We place a lot of emphasis on packaging during the delivery time since, as a firm, we believe in maintaining quality everywhere. Stability Test Chambers, Testing Equipment, Industrial Dryers, and other products are packed by us in specifically made, personalized corrugated boxes to prevent damage to the goods. Every pack is double-checked and sealed for safe shipping with the products listed on the box. This high-quality service has given us an advantage over our rivals. It helps us retain our reputation in the market.

Our Team

Fortunately, we have a committed group of technical specialists who go above and beyond to provide the best service. The key pillar of our business is our human resources, and we have the best in the business working for us. We periodically hold seminars to discuss and use the most recent for the best outcomes. Our team members collaborate closely as a close-knit family, resulting in the best conclusion that supports our ongoing growth.

What Do We Offer?

We specialize in manufacturing top-notch laboratory and scientific instruments with high accuracy and precision. Our products are the result of the high levels of commitment of our professionals to providing the best service possible. We provide the following products in our product line:

  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Stability Test Chambers
  • Industrial Shakers
  • Testing Equipment
  • Furnaces Ovens
  • Industrial Dryers
  • Laboratory Incubators
  • Laboratory Apparatus
  • Water Bath & Water Still
  • Industrial Oven
  • Cooling Equipment

Our Quality

Since we have always focused on upholding high-quality standards, we have never made any exceptions. We have established a few criteria to assess the manufacturing process quality. Our products are not set aside for delivery until they have been examined. Continuous quality checks are performed throughout the whole production process, from the choice of raw materials to packing. Our team of professionals only accepts the best. Thus we are renowned for our high-quality items. In addition to the F.A.T Report, traceability certificate, calibration test certificate, wiring diagram, test reports, and MOC test certificate, we also offer comprehensive documentation such as DQ/OQ/IQ/PQ Protocols. Validation of our products upon customer request demonstrates our dedication to high standards.

Why Pick Us?

We have outperformed many of our rivals and accrued numerous awards throughout time, making us an industry leader. There are several reasons why we have arrived at this point, some of them are listed below:

  • Best pricing 
  • Timely delivery
  • Capabilities for customization
  • Excellent packing 
  • Capability to handle huge orders

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